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Cyber Security Services

Personal security doesn’t stop physical protection, it also encompasses the smart and internet enabled devices you use daily as well as your important data and privacy.  The Cyber Security division of Longboat Rönd is dedicated to ensuring Cyber Security, Technological Privacy and Continuity. We provide solutions that remove IT complexity for our clients providing simple and secure solutions that ensure they are protected wherever they are located.

Prevention is better than cure.

Our IT professionals support and guide clients in assessing their personal or core organisational IT requirements and design secure, location optimised solutions.

Some of these services cover:

  • Global networks (including distributed and remote office connectivity)
  • Personal connectivity solutions such as secure chat and secure remote access to your network(s) and data
  • Cloud, hybrid and on premises solutions
  • Physical on premises access and security solutions

Our team can support individuals and organisations by evaluating their existing implementations and provide a 3rd party view as to vulnerabilities and improvements that can be made.

These include:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Application & app testing
  • 3rd Party contract and supplier evaluation
  • Recommended mitigations

What happens when the power goes out or a device fails? Natural disasters and power outages through infrastructure or societal instability are becoming more frequent. This leads to a critical need to safeguard your personal and organisational connectivity.  As the data world continues to converge on remote cloud connected solutions, you will still need unrestricted access to your data when you want it. Our team evaluates and delivers solutions designed specifically around your business model, ensuring the right continuity solutions to keep you connected no matter type of crisis occurs.

Education is the most important element for secure IT implementation. Our team will provide a bespoke package of awareness training modules for all members of your organisation and/or family members. These will be tailored to the audience to ensure maximum benefit without any unnecessary jargon thereby ensuring that the basic protocols and knowledge needed to protect you and your data are in place and understood.

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