Longboat Rond

Executive Protection Personnel

As Executive Protection specialists we know that our clients often want the reassurance of physical protection without the high-profile, intrusion and inconvenience of the traditional bodyguard team. We know that there will be occasions when an overt security presence can be advantageous, however, this type of approach over an extended period can often put a significant psychological strain on the protected person and their family.

For personal security to be effective it has to be compatible and complementary to the lifestyle of those it’s intended to protect.

All our staff are fully trained and highly experienced close protection agents, with operational backgrounds including providing protection to world leaders, members of European Royal families as well as High and Ultra-High Net Worth families

They know that a flexible approach not only provides a more effective deterrent and response, but it also reduces intrusion and helps generate a trusting relationship.

Discreet and Tailored Protection Services

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