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Personal Assessment

The initial stage of our relationship with our client will be to properly understand their needs and the threats they face. We don’t have any once size fits all packages as our client’s needs are as unique as they are. We are not going to sell a catalogue of security services they do not need just because they can afford them. We know they are not concerned about having security just as a status symbol, they want a service that works.

We will assign a highly experienced Executive Protection agent who will work with the client, private staff, local authorities (if appropriate) and other sources to gain a detailed appreciation of the threats faced and the vulnerabilities their personal situation generates. 

Depending on the nature of their business, and personal wishes, this assessment can also include a penetration test of home and work computer networks, firewalls, and remote systems. This part of the Personal Assessment would be undertaken by our team of world leading cyber security consultants. 

We will then provide a written assessment of the client’s vulnerabilities which will provide a number of options that balance the risks against the level of intrusiveness of the security measures. Each option will also include the residual risk that the security package will not be able to fully mitigate. As we mentioned before, this is risk mitigation, not dominance. We will offer advice and guidance on the preferred option based on the threats identified and the conversations we will have had with the client in relation to their personal wishes and boundaries.

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