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Personal Security Manager

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for our clients and their families is an ongoing process. Having a dedicated Personal Security Manager (PSM) employed into the household ensures that the client no longer has to worry about these issues. They will ensure that the activities of the family or visiting guests are smoothly integrated into the baseline security package without undue interference.

As well as managing all aspects of physical security at your residences, the Personal Security Manager works directly with the household senior personal staff to help manage:

From vetting transportation agencies and their processes to arranging appropriate security measures at your destination, the PSM ensures that all safety and security considerations are addressed with minimal disruption to the client’s plans.

In line with the existing baseline security package, or as a result of increased risks, the PSM will arrange for trusted and vetted Executive Protection agents for the client and their family.

If appropriate the PSM will directly manage the staff responsible for the physical protection of the perimeter of the client’s residence. This includes 24-hour access control and response to any out of hours incident impacting upon the family or venue.

Client’s should feel secure at home and free to undertake family activities without fear of their privacy being compromised.  Unfortunately, the threats from hostile cyber-attacks are not limited to the business environment.  As our lives become more digitally interconnected and our homes smarter, the risk of hostile elements reaching in to observe our lives and access our personal secrets becomes ever more real.  The PSM will be able to take measures to reduce the risk of unwanted intrusion into the client’s most personal and private affairs, thereby further protecting them and their family.

Of course the threat to cyber security extends further than just the opportunities generated by a modern interconnected lifestyle. Individuals determined to do our clients harm, to compromise them and their business, will use ever more technologically advanced methods to achieve their goals. 

The PSM has direct access to consultants who are leaders in the field in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).  They have the skills and experience to detect and counteract both physically present and remote surveillance devices and software. A TSCM survey, or sweep, can provide the reassurance that our client’s communications are secure and that their private meetings and discussions remain private. If the client regularly conducts sensitive business calls or meetings at home, then our service also includes the option to design and install a dedicated Secure Speech Room (SSR). Here they can then conduct their business safe in the knowledge that they are protected against all forms of electronic eavesdropping.

The Personal Security manager can either be employed as a permanent member of staff or engaged as a dedicated point of contact through a retained contract approach.

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Gain insights, updates and more.

Follow our social media pages for exclusive insights, updates, behind the scenes and be a part of the growing LbR community!